Team Coaching

Coaching TeamsChoose a Coach Mentoring Ltd experienced team coach to collectively develop a group of individuals into a high performing team. Team Coaching is about empowering the team to manage its own dialogue, in order to enhance its capability and performance.

High performing teams are those in which all the relationships within the team work well, and where all members of the team have a clear focus and understand their goals and the needs of the business for which they are accountable.

Building Effective Relationships

Team BuildingWithin a general coaching environment, our team coaches work with teams to help them build effective relationships and understand the dynamics within the team. It is a coaching intervention, which improves team performance. It identifies where the team is and where it wants to go. This shifts, so high performing teams need to keep asking the right questions to keep moving.

It's an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team then focuses on its real work, to achieve its business objectives.

To coach your team, focus on interpersonal skills and interactions instead of on individual development (as you tend to do with individually-focused coaching). The way people act with their colleagues, and the way they communicate with one another — these are important drivers of effective team performance. After all, you can put a lot of high-performing individuals on a team and still have performance problems. The aim of the team coaching work is to enable the team to hold better quality conversations. Out of these improved conversations come good ideas, higher-level decision-making and more focused direction.

People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another – otherwise the team's output will be impaired!

Your team could perform better!

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Case Study Team Coaching

Team Management SystemHigh potential employees from all over the world were invited to this 7-day coaching programme designed by Lis Merrick from Coach Mentoring Ltd in collaboration with the luxury tour operator's senior executives. “I like the Team Management Profile because it brilliantly highlights the sort of work people like to do. They really identify with their Profiles”, comments Lis who delivered the programme.

"Team Management Systems became a universal language with people referring to their roles and preferences. Discovering many team members were Thruster-Organisers and its impact on the dynamics of the team really helped demonstrate why a combination of roles spread around the Team Management Wheel is so important to the functioning of a team.” Lis has since used the Team Management Profile with Abercrombie & Kent’s Senior Executive Team.

Abercrombie & Kent, Mombasa


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Group Coaching

Perhaps Group Coaching is more relevant to your needs.

Team Coach Training

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The Business Case for Team Coaching

  • To improve the leader’s ability to manage performance
  • To make things happen faster
  • Can resolve conflict
  • Improve efficiency of processes and systems
  • Improve communication and knowledge management
  • And retains people!

From starting as a group of participants who happened to work in the same company, we very quickly grew to a team of colleagues… Leaving the training course feeling rejuvenated, motivated and with a clear sense of the strategy for the future of our company was an amazing and empowering experience.”

Chris Owen-Collett, Abercrombie & Kent South Africa.

Understanding Teams

A great place to start team coaching is by understanding the dynamics of the team. This is the process of working out how team members relate to one another. We all have different and preferred styles of working and communicating, and when we encounter a person with a style that's different from our own, we can often get frustrated with that person, and fail to recognize his or her unique strengths.

Coach Mentoring Ltd is accredited to use TMSDI© tools, which the coaches use often in their team coaching development projects.

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