Employee well-being — the key to employee engagement

Employee Well-beingEmployee well-being is key to a healthy, productive and engaged workforce. Coach Mentoring Ltd can support you with our holistic suite of programmes from different philosophical disciplines. Develop your employee mental and physical well-being to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Retain your employees and develop their loyalty
  • Encourage good mental and physical health amongst your workforce
  • Reduce workplace stress and anxiety

Ikigai coaching to develop self-awareness

Employee well-beingIn Japan, Ikigai is a popular concept that makes millions of people want to get out of bed in the morning. It is translates simply as the ‘reason for being’.

We can deliver Ikigai programmes or one-to-one coaching sessions using Ikigai to support your employees. Plus Ikigai is a great tool for internal coaches and mentors to use and we can also help develop their skills using this philosophy.

Yoga to improve the well-being of your people

Yoga for well-beingChoose an in-house yoga programme for your organisation delivered by Susan Dennis. Yoga helps employees create the kind of healthy lifestyle that prevents them from needing to seek external medical care, reduce burn out, lowers aggression and conflict. It overcomes psychological and emotional issues that may keep people from thriving at work and promotes overall well-being in the workplace.

Develop resilience programmes to help your employees thrive

Build resilience at workMore resilient people are higher performers and respond better to change. They are more motivated, build better working relationships and are less likely to take time off sick or suffer from low morale. Crucially, people with high levels of resilience have ways to protect themselves from stress. Let us help you develop your employees through building their resilience levels.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness at workIntroduce mindfulness into your organisation, to enable your employees to:

  • Manage unhelpful thoughts
  • Develop more useful responses to difficult events
  • Be kinder towards themselves
  • Feel calmer
  • Better manage stress
  • Improve teamwork and reduce conflict
  • Improve their leadership ability
  • Build their resilience!

We can also support the development of your coaches and mentors to use mindfulness in their practice.


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Talent Management

Development of mentoring and coaching programmes designed to support your talented employees.

Leadership Development

We believe that people provide the best return on investment in an organisation.


Why is employee well-being so important?

If we consider key HR trends and assess the challenges for HR professionals in the short term, then the need to improve employee engagement will continue to be an enormous priority as it is a problem that really hasn’t been solved yet. The most successful HR functions and effective organisations put engagement at their core and understand that creating an organisational culture where employees truly want to work is imperative.

Communication, focus on mission, purpose, culture and values are the framework for engagement. However, what makes employee engagement go from good to great is the kudos gained from really looking after your employees and creating a culture of well-being. Employees need to feel physically and mentally well and healthy to engaged with their employer. If they feel their employee is activity supporting their well being process, it makes an enormous difference to their engagement.

Organisations who demonstrate a culture of well being discover these benefits, which come mainly from the greater work and organisational engagement:

  • Productivity and motivation increase
  • Absenteeism and sickness reduce
  • Employees are happier and less stressed and anxious
  • Retention levels are improved and turnover reduced
  • Employees want to join the organisation, it is an incentive to recruitment
  • Organisational morale is improved
  • Unhealthy behaviours like working long hours are discouraged
  • Physical and mental illness levels reduce.

Our team and associates are able to offer support to organisations in all areas of well being from nutrition and exercise, to mindfulness and a positive psychology approach, such as using strengths in the workplace and developing resilience, to some of the Eastern philosophies and teachings.

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