Leadership Development

Leadership DevelopmentWide-ranging capabilities are needed for leaders to be able to contribute effectively to improving business performance and to meet and exceed both current and future challenges.

We believe that people provide the best return on investment in an organisation: achieving the ‘exceptional’, as opposed to ‘good enough’, is often down to motivated and competent individuals and teams. Great leadership, at every level, is at the heart of strong organisational performance.

Types of Leadership Development

Two types of development activity are required when designing a leadership development programme; we can help you with both through our skilled and experienced consultants:

  • Identifying and developing the capabilities of individuals to lead others effectively (leader development) often utilising relevant psychometric tools
  • Creating organisational structures and a culture that encourage and enable leadership. This is the aspect which is so often ignored!

Leadership Development programme pitfalls

  1. Leaders don’t have the opportunity to put their new skills into practice
  2. There is an absence of strategy clarity around leadership development
  3. A ‘top-down’ leadership style which destroys any healthy leadership development approach
  4. Organisational politics or just internal cross-functional conflict. All these factors can impact the return on any leadership development approach.

How to design a leadership development programme

Leadership Development ProgrammeAt Coach Mentoring Ltd we work in partnership with organisations to develop the capability of their leaders at all levels. We design experiential leadership development programmes that focus on the unique needs of the organisation’s business and their people, from the existing executives through to those individuals identified as having future potential. With our coaching and mentoring experience, we consider in advance what issues will challenge the leadership programme and how to design it most effectively.

Our programmes are practical and focus on ensuring people are confident and competent to lead and manage others and able to make a positive impact. We encourage practice and review both during and post-intervention to support both the embedding and transference of knowledge and skills back in the workplace.


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Employee well-being

Gain the kudos from really looking after your employees and creating a culture of well-being.

Why Coach Mentoring?

Use Mentoring and Coaching to solve Human Resource Issues and coaching and mentoring programme delivery.


Leadership Case Study

Coach Mentoring Ltd was invited to work with Abercrombie & Kent’s East Africa Management Teams based in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, to assist them in moving the business in their region to the next stage through effective leadership and team work.

Linda Grant of Coach Mentoring Ltd designed and facilitated delivery of the Programme which involved: participants completing a 360° Feedback Exercise including an individual Skype feedback session; a 2 day interactive workshop looking at leadership, communication, how to manage and improve performance and high performing teams; a strategic planning day; and finally a follow-up Skype coaching session.

An example leadership development programme

We have a number of articles on Leadership Development. One example we run regularly for IHC Merwede Engineering Business Ltd, includes modules in:

  • Leadership and Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching
  • Motivation and Feedback
  • Planning and Organising Yourself
  • Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Influencing
  • Mentoring

Linda, your patience, your control of any situation, your knowledge of how to gain people's trust and your style on how to get everyone involved makes you a really unique person with a lot of positive qualities. I have attended so many trainings and have met so many trainers but never a person with your style of running training sessions.”

Peter Ngori, MD Kenya & Uganda

I wish to say ASANTE SANA, to you and the entire East Africa team for having shared so much with us during the workshop which was truly unique and thought provoking.”

Shabir Issak, Financial Controller

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