How can an organisation thrive during a pandemic lockdown?

Practical Webinars to support during covid-19 lockdown Our clients responded well to our ideas on Transition Mentoring to thrive in a pandemic. They and their employees wanted something to cut through the current hype and get to the core of how people can get through these lockdowns.

Self-study and free well-being support for individuals

Follow our Thriving through Chaos online personal reflective journey, or use the offline guide for coaches, mentors and individuals. Or join specialists from across a range of topics to explore well-being techniques to help you thrive with our 2021 series of free webinars.

Focused practical webinars to support your organisation

Our experienced consultants have created a series of practical webinars to help organisations continue to work despite all the restrictions. This extended range of Interactive Learning Webinars has new topics particularly suitable during times of change. These webinars are short and to the point; 45 minutes to 1 hour. We can tailor and deliver them at a time to suit your organisation with participants joining from their home office.

Our lockdown webinars are helping many organisations at the moment, so please browse these topics and contact us to reserve a time for your webinar.

1. Helping your team thrive in times of uncertainty

The current situation is creating enormous challenges to the way we manage and support our teams to keep them working effectively together and being productive. Many of us have been thrust into the position of leading virtual teams for the first time, so not only is it challenging to manage ourselves, it’s also daunting to have to adapt our style to a new context. This webinar explores tips to managing teams remotely, staying connected and supporting the emotional well-being of your team. 1. I want to know more

2. Leading in times of uncertainty

The current crisis situation is a key leadership moment for managers/leaders to help others and to do the right thing. It is an opportunity for us to rise to the occasion and for it to be our ‘finest hour’ as a manager/leader. This webinar explores the leadership qualities and behaviours we need to demonstrate that have become more of a key focus in these challenging times. 2. I want to know more

3. Keeping strong — build your resilience

As the current lockdown continues we are not only all experiencing the far-reaching impact of the current pandemic but also the emotions this generates. Negative emotions such as fatigue, fear, anxiety, panic put extreme pressure on us and undermine our ability to focus on the right priorities, think clearly, manage our relationships effectively and make informed choices. This webinar will explore how we can take better care of ourselves and build more resilience. 3. I want to know more

4. Virtual Meetings — 10 Tips for lockdown webinars

Virtual meetings are currently the only option for many of us to stay in touch with our colleagues and clients. This webinar shares some tips for embracing the differences of a virtual to a face-to-face meeting and making the most of a format you might not be comfortable with — yet! 4. I want to know more

5. Take control in a pandemic!

Explore the concept of how to develop others or yourself to take control of your life, keep optimistic, feel confident and have a plan to move forward! Ideal for a leader, mentor or coach, or someone supporting their own well-being. During this webinar, Lis Merrick will explore a process and techniques to develop your plan to feel in control or help others to regain their own confidence in their life plans, so we continue to thrive during these very turbulent times. 5. I want to know more

6. Developing innovation in your employees and teams to thrive in a lockdown

This current global pandemic situation calls for a new way of operating, the development of a Growth Mindset and greater adaptive capacity to both the world of work and home life. This webinar, developed by Lis Merrick will look at the concepts of a Growth Mindset and adaptive capacity and provide pragmatic techniques to use to support the increase of both as well as considering how to become more innovative and creative in your approach to life generally. 6. I want to know more

7. Supporting your teams through transition

This webinar will explore understanding and supporting change in individuals’ behaviours and approaches to work caused by the current lockdown situation. Delivered by Lis Merrick, it will include models and techniques to understand the transitions that everyone will go through and practical interventions for managers to use both themselves and to support their teams. 7. I want to know more

8. Transition mentoring: the way forward!

A mentor who understands how to support through the critical phases of transition, who can encourage adaptive capacity and encourage their mentee to thrive at this time of global lockdown is immensely powerful. This webinar explores the different phases of transition and techniques the mentor can use at different stages of the mentee’s journey over the next few months. The mentors themselves will benefit so much from these dialogues also. Many of the conversations will uncover similar challenges and dilemmas in the mentor’s own life, enabling them to gain from this shared reflective space and learn with their mentees. Introducing mentors to techniques to support their mentees and develop in a Covid-19 environment will also boost their own repertoire of resilience building skills. 8. I want to know more

9. Mentoring — Talent Development during lockdown

Mentoring is one of the most powerful learning and change interventions to develop and retain talent. This webinar will explore how to deliver a truly great mentoring experience for both the mentee and the mentor to generate successful outcomes such as talent development, personal growth, employee engagement and retention and leadership development. It will include:

Mentoring approaches to facilitate talent development How to develop successful mentoring dialogues during lockdown The roles of the mentor and the mentee in talent development Benefits of mentoring for both the mentor and mentee 9. I want to know more

10. Why encouraging reflective practice in your people is more important than ever before

In times of crisis its all too easy to neglect the need for self reflection, missing great opportunities for organisational learning and personal development. This short webinar, delivered by Auriel Majumdar will introduce some straightforward and accessible models for self-reflection and address the very real challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. The webinar will explore the business benefits of becoming reflective practitioners and help participants develop practical strategies for themselves and their teams. 10. I want to know more

11. Focusing on the here and now — an Introduction to Gestalt Coaching

We are all facing an uncertain future and this can give rise to feelings of anxiety and concern. Gestalt coaching with its focus on the ‘here and now’ and awareness-raising is one way to support people to gain perspective and reclaim a sense of control over the events around them. Gestalt coach Auriel Majumdar will lead this short webinar setting out the principles of Gestalt coaching and facilitate an exploration of how these can be applied practically in responding to the current challenges.

We can also support the development of your coaches and mentors to use mindfulness in their practice. 11. I want to know more

12. Straight Talking in Complex Times

Meaningful and direct communication is essential in difficult circumstances when time is of the essence but it can often be difficult to say what you want to and get your voice heard. This practically focused webinar will introduce some tried and tested models from organisational psychology to help you explore and overcome the barriers to straight talking in organisations. 12. I want to know more

13. Virtual yoga classes during lockdown

Tailored yoga classes for your organisation at times to suit your employees. Lunchtime or early morning sessions, or perhaps everyone could have an extended coffee break for some breathing exercises? Give people an opportunity to escape for an hour and de-stress. Classes are designed to suit all needs and it is a great way to support physical and mental health during lockdown. 13. I want to know more

Other webinar topics during Covid-19 lockdown

Our experienced consultants offer dynamic, to the point, webinars on many other bespoke topics in coaching, mentoring and development.

Get in touch to arrange a webinar on any of these topics for your organisation, or if you want to tailor a bespoke session to your needs.


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Transition Mentoring

Exploring mentoring through the lens of William Bridges’ Model of Managing Transitions.

We Work Virtually

The Coach Mentoring Ltd team has been working virtually for the last 15 years.


Don’t eat cake and sit up straight!

Covid-19. No Cake!

Or how to live and lead through Covid-19

We talked about living in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world previously. A phrase termed originally by the US Army War College at the end of the Cold War, when with the break-up of the Soviet Bloc, multiple global threats emerged. However, with the emergence of Covid-19 and a global pandemic, it now feels like we are living in a VUCA² world!

Back in January 2020, we had no idea that the virus spreading from Wuhan in China would reach us so quickly and have such a massive impact on everyone’s lives. With some at risk individuals living in total isolation and the remainder of us practising strict social distancing, life as we knew it a few weeks ago has come to an end. This crisis is unprecedented, as we have no idea when and if restrictions will end. In fact, we have been given a glimmer of what the future might hold in the next year or two by various politicians who have described life becoming a series of lockdowns, punctuated by some relaxation of the rules in between. Or as one US politician described it today as: Opening the faucet a little and then shutting it off again.

We have been provided with a mass of quite useless information for working at home. Do sit up straight and don’t slouch. Watch what you eat and keep away from the cake and biscuits. However, there is a paucity of real, hard hitting advice and guidance for prolonged working virtually at home. That is why the team at Coach Mentoring Ltd have come up with ten ideas that we feel will really support your employees with this new VUCA² working world they have been thrust into. If there are other topics you would like to see covered, then get in touch, we are here to listen and help.

Supporting well-being during lockdown

Employee well-being is key to a healthy, productive and engaged workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer a holistic suite of well-being programmes from different philosophical disciplines such as:

  • Ikigai
  • Yoga
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness

Take your employee engagement from good to great. Gain the kudos from really looking after your employees — create a culture of well-being during this lockdown.

Experienced in delivering virtual learning and development

Here at Coach Mentoring Ltd we are used to working virtually; in 2019, 90% of our work was delivered virtually.

So you can be certain we know what we're doing, we are used to the challenges of a virtual life and we can help your organisation support and develop its employees during this Covid-19 outbreak.

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