Team Management Profile

Team Management Profile (TMP), developed by Margerison-McCann and based on the work of Carl Jung, lends itself particularly to team building and establishing highly performing teams. It uses a model and language to identify individual work preferences and to give a framework for teams to work with.

TMPIndividuals complete a questionnaire from which their personal Team Management Profile report is compiled. The Profile gives insights into how the person prefers to work and how they are likely to interact with others in the workplace. It is a tool that gives both individuals and teams a better understanding of how to maximize their potential and to improve their working with others.

As the Team Management Profile offers insight on a personal, team and organisational level, it can be used in a wide variety of situations including:

  • Change management
  • Establishing new teams
  • Cross-cultural team working
  • Leadership development
  • Career development

Your personal Profile shows where you lie on the Team Management Wheel, and reveals the energies that direct your personal potential.

A rigorously validated questionnaire is analysed by the software to provide a 4500 word customised report available in all the major European languages.

The Profile is a guiding compass for action. It can steer your own career journey, the trajectory of your team and the achievement of business goals.

Coach Mentoring Ltd use the Team Management Profile extensively in their leadership development and team coaching activities. For more information about the tool contact or to work with Coach Mentoring Ltd with individuals or teams using the Team Management Profile, contact us for more information.

Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel reproduced by kind permission of TMS Development International Ltd Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel is a registered trademark.


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At A Glance — The Team Management Profile


A complete system developed for leaders and teams


Over twenty years of ongoing research


Validated by the British Psychological Society


Helps individuals and teams to maximise potential


Strengths, mutual respect and constructive problem solving


Powerful visual models and easy-to-use languages


The instrument of choice for organisations worldwide


Builds resilience, promotes sustainable development

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