ChronusChronus Corporation is a leading provider of mentoring and coaching solutions for organizations of all sizes. Their flagship product, Chronus Mentor, combines the latest in social learning technologies with mentoring best practices to produce a dynamic, goal-driven online learning environment that benefits both administrators and participants. Those that have adopted Chronus Mentor include leading corporations, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and professional associations and uses vary from employee onboarding and talent development to student, youth and faith mentoring.

Beyond software, Chronus also provides consultation and customization support to program administrators with varying needs. Whether starting a program from scratch or adapting a program to the online environment, the experienced staff at Chronus can give advice and support to help in all stages of a mentoring program.


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Designing a programme

Online solutions can support you in your programme design.

Mentoring & Coaching Products

All the resources to run successful programmes.



Chronus asked Lis Merrick to speak to their community about designing talent development programs. Alternatively, view a summary article and a Q&A video.

Talent White Paper

Lis Merrick has written a white paper in conjunction with Chronus: How Coaching and Mentoring Can Drive Success in Your Organization.

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