Is your mentoring program performing?

Mentoring Programme ReviewReview your organisation’s mentoring programme and identify those key aspects that would benefit from improvement. Coach Mentoring Ltd can undertake a robust review of your mentoring programmes against state-of-the-art good practice in mentoring.

Choose this short review with your programme manager and other key stakeholders. The review will be performed personally by Lis Merrick who has designed over 150 mentoring programmes across many industries and organisations.

Objectives of the Mentoring Program Review

The Mentoring Programme Review will:

  1. Provide a reality check to organisations to examine whether they offer a well planned and effective mentoring programme
  2. Ensure the best outputs are being achieved for the individual participants, from the mentoring relationships and for the organisation itself
  3. Gain more engagement from the mentors and mentees or improve buy-in to the programme from the senior leadership or other stakeholders
  4. Ensure the programme is operating to state-of-the-art best practice in mentoring.


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Mentoring Programme Review

Your Mentoring Programme Review will comprise:

  • A virtual interview with the programme organiser/manager of up to two hours duration.
  • Virtual interview(s) with a selection of mentors/mentees using a focus group approach, we may also include other key stakeholders in this process if it will be useful. Up to 3 focus groups depending on programme size, lasting about 30 minutes each.
  • A thorough review of all programme documentation, training content, matching criteria and other pertinent information your organisation can provide for the review.
  • The provision of a report containing a review of the programme with recommendations for any enhancements that may be beneficial to make the programme more effective going forward.

Once a review has been arranged, the interview and focus groups will be conducted remotely via a Zoom Meeting. Once you have provided your programme documentation, we will deliver your final report within 10 working days.

If required, we can offer further support to help you implement key recommendations and suggestions to improve your mentoring program design.

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