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Mentoring SolutionsMentoring is one of the most powerful learning and change interventions, which can be used within an organisational setting. With over 20 years of delivering mentoring programmes globally, we have the experience, expertise and access to the most up-to-date research to enable us to design and deliver truly great mentoring programmes for any client, in any sector.

We provide expert consultancy support across the whole life-cycle of your mentoring programme. Plus off-the-shelf mentoring products to help you setup and run your own programme.

1. Talent Mentoring Programmes

We have perfected our approach in designing mentoring programmes for talent, generating successful outcomes such as retention, personal growth, employee engagement and leadership development. Read our blog Mentoring — a 1000% ROI. The majority of talent programmes we develop are global and we have plenty of experience of operating in and supporting cross cultural relationships and programmes.

2. Women’s Mentoring Programmes

Since 1999 Coach Mentoring has been engaged in designing and delivering customised women’s mentoring programmes, see Mentoring to support women for lots more information!

3. Cross Organisational Mentoring Programmes

Cross organisational mentoring is a programme between a consortium of organisations, which can be in a similar sector or can be within the supply chain of the lead organisation. This type of mentoring tends to occur when an organisation cannot find the right type of mentor internally, or has a low supply of mentors within their own organisation so they tend to look outside for a fresh supply.

4. Reverse Mentoring Programmes

Reverse mentoring is usually where a more junior or younger person mentors someone who is more senior or older, so the more usual role-model type relationship is turned on its head. Reverse mentoring can provide a fresh perspective for senior people on what is going on in the organisation and challenges they should engage in. Plus it provides senior leaders with a useful generational perspective that they may not gain from their current learning network.

5. Maternity Mentoring Programmes

Maternity leave represents a significant turning point as women re-evaluate work, career and life choices in the context of new and previously unimagined priorities. Offering a formal mentoring programme and supporting women as they become mothers can influence enormously both the transition into parenthood, the return to work and retention levels. See Mentoring to support women for more details.

6. Onboarding and Graduate Mentoring Programmes

Whether you are looking for support to onboard a new senior executive or wanting to develop your new graduate intake through their rotations, we can help you by designing the most effective programme for your needs.

7. Mentoring Millennials

By 2020 half the working population globally came from the generation born between 1980 and 2000, so it is really important to consider generational differences in your design of any mentoring programme. Mentoring someone from the Millennial Generation (sometimes known as Generation Y) is not textbook developmental mentoring, as we know it.


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What is mentoring?

Mentoring focuses on developing capability by working with the mentee’s goals to help them realise their potential. The mentee is responsible for their learning and development and setting the direction and goals for the relationship. The flow of learning is two-way in a mentoring relationship and the mentor often gains as much as the mentee. (Merrick, 2005)

Mentoring Solutions

Introducing good, robust mentoring into your organisation is challenging. Choose a product to help you with your mentoring programme delivery.

Mentoring Starter Package

Want to set up your own mentoring programme? Develop a mentoring programme with our off-the-shelf package with different levels of consultancy support available (if you want it) to help you implement your own programme expertly! The easiest way to set up a mentoring programme in the workplace.

Virtual programme management

Running a mentoring programme on top of your day job is not easy. You will find our Virtual programme management service both highly efficient and very cost effective

Mentoring skills training videos

We provide both standard and bespoke videos to enhance your training and education of mentors and mentees.

How can Mentoring support a Millennial’s needs?

Millennials look for employers with similar values, and those organisations who demonstrate value alignment tend to retain their Millennial workforce better. Mentors who ‘walk and talk’ the values reinforce this sense of alignment and develop loyalty to the organisation.

Having their career, professional development and life ambitions supported is key to a Millennial. Again a mentor can fulfil these needs and Millennials are usually very keen to get involved in mentoring, but you need to get it designed right, or they won’t have the patience to engage with it!

Find out more about mentoring Millennials in our blog — ‘Tech-savvy and lazy?’, How to mentor millennials.

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