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City HiveCity Hive is an independent organisation which partners with companies across the investment management industry, helping them to meet their sustainability responsibilities in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive corporate culture.

City Hive was born out of a heartfelt conviction that a vibrant mix of backgrounds and beliefs pays dividends.

Coach Mentoring Ltd provides support to City Hive

Coach Mentoring Ltd specialises in developing mentoring programmes to support women in the workplace at all stages of their careers and lives, female talent and to create gender equity. We are delighted to be partnering with City Hive to offer our mentoring consultancy services and to support them in delivering their mentoring programme.

Coach Mentoring Ltd is thrilled to provide programme design, matching, briefing, evaluation and supervision support to City Hive mentors and mentees. We understand from our own experience what it is like to work in the City and have developed in conjunction with City Hive a programme that really meets the participants needs.

Cross organisational mentoring 

Cross organisational mentoring in sectors such as investment management, is a way of moving the diversity dial more quickly. In addition, the programme participants will benefit from career guidance, having a role model to support them, a safe place to talk about issues in their working lives and a thinking partner to create reflective space for them to create their own solutions to issues in their lives. 


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Woman’s Mentoring

Support women through the glass ceiling

Working mums

Steps organisations can implement straightaway to move gender equality and equity forward


Mentoring in the City

Mentoring provides incredible benefits to women, particularly those working in organisations and sectors which demonstrate a lack of action to prioritise diversity and inclusion action, such as the investment management sector.

Quotes from mentors and mentees

My mentor has been brilliant in terms of giving honest and direct feedback on topics and really getting to the point in our calls, personality wise I think we've been matched really well, and I've really enjoyed getting to know him over the last few months.”

My mentor had expertise and experience in things I didn't. Our personalities, while compatible and we got along, were different and as a result I was able to get a different perspective.”

Great match in terms of seniority, role (good understanding of my role as a result), level of commitment.”

We had a similar cultural background which gave us a common area of understanding alongside being in global orientated roles.”

Have opposite personality types and backgrounds. Both totally respected that going into the process which I think helped us both get a lot from the sessions.”

Mentors support women to be more courageous, be more innovative and to follow their true purpose in their lives and careers.

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