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David Clutterbuck PartnershipDavid Clutterbrook Partnership is one of the leading providers of mentoring programme design, globally. Coach Mentoring Ltd’s Lis Merrick and David Clutterbrook have worked in partnership since 2003 and with more than 50 years’ experience between them, represent the foremost expertise in mentoring both in the UK and internationally.

David works in partnership with Coach Mentoring Ltd to deliver expert consultancy and a number of coaching and mentoring programmes.

What do Coach Mentoring & DCP deliver? A Case Study

David ClutterbuckThe David Clutterbuck Partnership, with Coach Mentoring Ltd, are developing and supporting delivery of a new mentoring programme at the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC aims to develop a mentoring programme that will be accessible for all, including targeting some staff groups who are underrepresented at senior levels, such as disabled employees. The main drivers and rationale behind introducing this programme are to develop an effective workforce that reflects the health communities they regulate. Through a mentoring programme that seeks to promote diversity they will create an environment that captures potential and uses the skills, talents and experience to add value.

The programme design focuses on quality and sustainability, enabling CQC to embed the programme process as we support the first three cohorts. The programme has been co-designed with staff and has involved stakeholder meetings and a promotional video.

The first cohort of 40 mentoring pairs were matched in December 2015 with on-site support from our partnership. In order to meet the programmes’ diversity aims, 30 mentees from this cohort are from a Black, Minority Ethnic background, or have a disability.

Mentoring training was delivered in January 2016 in separate sessions for mentors and mentees. The mentors we're trained by David Clutterbuck and the mentees by Lis Merrick in full day interactive workshops held in London and Leeds to prepare both parties for effective mentoring. The mentoring relationships were then officially launched.

Throughout their relationships, these pairs will be invited to two more upskilling webinars to learn more mentoring skills and techniques and to network as a mentoring community. CQC are also gathering feedback during the programme and so far the programme has been well received. A full evaluation will be supported by the partnership at the end of the year, with a further 2 cohorts of 40 pairs to follow.


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David Clutterbuck

David Clutterbrook is one of the pioneers of modern coaching and mentoring, having introduced supported mentoring to Europe in the early 1980s. He combines a wealth of research-based knowledge and experience, and offers a pragmatic, evidence-based approach to coaching, mentoring and talent management.

David is visiting professor at three UK universities — Sheffield Hallam University, Oxford Brookes University and York St. John and is one of the most prolific writers and researchers on HR themes, having authored 54 books.

I have worked with David since 2003 and value greatly his enormous experience, knowledge, humour and professionalism. Through David’s mentoring over the years, I have shaped my own consultancy ability in coaching and mentoring and I really value the strong partnership between our two companies.

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