Flexible work arrangements

FLEXImumsFLEXImums specialise in providing job opportunities and placements across a broad range of sectors including but not limited to accounting, administration, architecture & design, banking, customer service, education & training, finance, IT, legal, sales & marketing as well as social science, health & community.

FLEXImums are a niche agency run by mums for women, but also welcome dads and other candidates looking for flexibility in their next career move.

Coach Mentoring Ltd provide support to FLEXImums

Coach Mentoring Ltd specialises in developing coaching and mentoring programmes to support men and women in the workplace at all stages of their careers and lives, male and female talent and to create gender equity. We are delighted to be partnering with FLEXImums to offer our consultancy services and products to organisations, who work in collaboration with FLEXImums.

We believe flexible working practices are a prerequisite to providing working cultures where individuals can thrive and not just survive. They ensure individuals can manage their family lives, work life balance and physical and mental health appropriately.


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Mentoring and Gender Equity

How does mentoring address gender equity for women?

Gender Equity Conference 2018

Learn about Coach Mentoring Ltd's role in the Gender Equity Conference 2018.


Gender Equity Conference

In 2016, the first Gender Equity Conference was held with international gender equity experts, senior representatives of organisations who have made changes to improve gender balance and professional women to openly discuss and debate on how to improve gender-balance and women in leadership in Hong Kong.

The 2nd Gender Equity Conference took place late September 2017 with a focus on fixing the leaking female pipeline.

The third Gender Equity Conference examined the different resource-efficient best practices that top-performing organisations use to support their high-potentials, including coaching, mentorship and sponsorship. It looked at what has worked and what hasn’t in moving towards Gender Equality. As in previous years FLEXImums focused on organisations that are taking action in Hong Kong and recognising the different challenges that apply in that region compared to Europe and the U.S.

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