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TMS Development International LtdTMS Development International (TMSDI) are distributors of a unique set of Profiling tools known as Margerison McCann Team Management Systems (TMS). Developed following 25 years of validated research, each of the TMS Profiles offers a unique view on a person or situation at work. Each has its own visual model and simple language to bring it to life.

The Team Management Profile (TMP) lends itself particularly well to team building and establishing high performing teams. Designed to help maximise personal potential, build great teams and create energy for success, it provides a visual starting point for a discussion about what makes high energy teams.

Coach Mentoring Ltd use the TMP extensively in their Team Coaching and Leadership Development activities, and have worked in partnership with TMSDI to incorporate this powerful tool into their Team Coaching Certificate.

Coach Mentoring Ltd regularly work with and alongside TMSDI and have full accreditation for the following TMSDI tools:

Window on Work ValuesWindow on Work Values

This profile offfers important insights into individual working values which are fundamental drivers of behaviour, influencing motivation and the way people work

McCann Window on Work Values

Opportunity Orientation ProfileOpportunity Orientation Profile

Used to measure your approach to risk and determines the balance of effort you put into seeing the opportunities and obstacles at work.

McCann Risk Orientation Model

Linking Skills ProfileLinking Skills Profile

A multi-rater instrument that clearly identifies your perceived performance in fundamental people, task and leadership related skills.

Margersion-McCann Linking Skils Model

Team Performance ProfileTeam Performance Profile

Provides a detailed mini-audit of how everyone thinks the team is doing in relation to a powerful, fully-researched model of team effectiveness

Margerison-McCann Types of Work Model

Models reproduced by kind permission of TMS Development International Ltd
Margerison-McCann Types of Work Model is a registered trademark.


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The TMS profile tools in action

Our experience of working with teams and individuals has demonstrated how TMP helps people identify:

  • Their personal work preferences and how these link to performance and motivation.
  • The preferences people have for different types of work and how this impacts on both individual and team performance.
  • The importance of managing the diversity of work preferences there may be, when working with existing teams.
  • The need to build balanced teams, as far as possible, in order to have the best possible chance of success

We have used the Opportunity Orientation Profile with project teams and teams/individuals facing change. It has helped them to determine:

  • The different ways people look at the world in terms of opportunities and obstacles.
  • How teams work together in relation to risk:
  • In times of change, the team and individual’s approach to resilience.
  • The types of risk teams/individuals are prepared to take.

The Window on Work Values can be used with individuals and teams to help them gain insights into:

  • People’s core work values and how these explain the intentions behind people’s behaviour and how they affect teamwork.
  • Explaining why problems exist within any group of people working together.
  • How people will manage/cope with change.
  • What values are important to the individual/team and the behaviours/actions that are important to uphold these values.
  • How personal/team values link to the organisational values

Our experience of using the Linking Skills Profile has been with:

  • Individual managers/leaders who need to improve their skills.
  • Teams who want to develop their skills to become a more effective, high-energy team.

The Team Performance Profile can be used for:

  • Conducting a team performance review
  • Project team clarification
  • Team mergers
  • Consolidating organisational changes

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