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Drawing on our vast experience in designing and delivering mentoring programmes, Coach Mentoring Ltd has created an off-the-shelf product to support your organisation in implementing your own internal mentoring programme. The Mentoring Starter Package includes six Core Curriculum modules to support you in creating general mentoring programmes, or choose individual à la carte modules to support your specific programme needs.

Need help setting up your mentoring programme?

We understand that everyone has different experience of running mentoring programmes, so we are here to help. Pick the Mentoring Starter Package level appropriate to the amount of bespoke Consultancy Support you need — benefit from the knowledge of world leading mentoring experts to ensure your programme's success. 

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Choose your Mentoring Starter Package

Core Curriculum modules (available individually) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Set up Guidelines (£600)
Communication materials (£400)
Matching forms (£600)
Slide deck and facilitator notes for mentor/mentee training (£800)
Supporting materials for participants (£600)
Evaluation Guidelines (£600)
Consultancy support* (face-to-face or virtual)
Half day of virtual or face-to-face consultancy design time  
Day of supported delivery activity to mentors and/or mentees  
Train-the-Trainer consultancy    
MentorNet technology platform to manage your mentoring programme      
  £2,500 £4,000 £5,000 £POA

The benefits of these packages include:

The Mentoring Starter Package includes all Core Curriculum modules at a discount over the regular price. If you require further hands on support, choose the appropriate level from Silver to the ultimate Platinum package to match the needs of your organisation.

* Coach Mentoring can deliver consultancy or training virtually or face-to-face. If face-to-face delivery is preferred, any related travel costs would be an additional charge.
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Mentoring case studies

Find out more about some of the ways we’ve supported our clients with mentoring.

Programme design

Find out more about designing your mentoring programme.

Core Curriculum

The Mentoring Starter Package includes the six Core Curriculum modules at a generous discount. Alternatively, tailor your mentoring programme by buying just the modules you need.

Special Offer

Order your Mentoring Starter Pack today to kick-start your in-house mentoring programme and receive two complimentary copies of all three sets of Coaching and Mentoring Cards (normally £19 per set) absolutely free!

The Mentoring Starter Package is suitable for many areas including:

The Mentoring Starter Package, provided by Coach Mentoring has proved to be a fantastic practical resource and I am confident we now have a great framework for our mentoring programme going forwards.”

Libby Hartz (Unicef UK)

The mentoring starter kit has been incredibly helpful to us in setting up our internal mentoring offer. Having resources available that guided us through the process of setting up the offer and ensured we were considering all the right things, really helped set us up for success.

In particular it’s been really useful for getting clear on our rationale and approach to mentoring, ensuring we had a clear recruitment strategy and a valuable resource for helping us to preparing both mentors & mentees. The templates that we were simply able to tailor for our organisation just made life easier!”

Emily Wilton (Leadership Development & Talent Manager, Water Aid)


A complete Mentoring Starter Package, this package is a total stand-alone product for your organisation to purchase in order to implement a mentoring programme without any external support.


This package is aimed at organisations that would like additional external support, but wish to do the majority of the set up and delivery themselves. It offers a half-day of virtual or face-to-face consultancy design time with an experienced Consultant and a day of supported delivery activity to mentors and/or mentees.


Everything from the Silver Package, plus time to work with internal colleagues to develop their knowledge around mentoring through a train-the-trainer session on good mentoring programme management and equip them to deliver elements of the programme.


The Gold Package plus the addition of MentorNet, a secure online mentoring system for your face-to-face and eMentoring programmes. It helps mentors, mentees and administrators to communicate, publish profiles about themselves, message each other securely, share documents, track activity, plus much more!


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