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Coaching and Mentoring WebinarRun webinars rather than organising face-to-face training.

With globally dispersed workforces, coaching and mentoring programmes covering different countries and continents and a need to manage travel budgets, time and focus, then interactive learning webinars could be the most effective solution.

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With Coach Mentoring’s extensive experience in running virtual learning, we offer webinars on any coaching, mentoring or development subject, from an introduction to coaching and mentoring skills and behaviours to group or individual supervision for coaches and mentors.

Thriving through ChaosDuring Covid-19 we developed a series of practical lockdown webinars to help organisations continue to work despite all the restrictions. Many of these ideas for Thriving through Chaos remain relevant as we continue to work in a more volatile and uncertain world.

So talk to us about your particular needs, or choose from more specialised development ideas such as:


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Completely virtual PGC

Accredited programme in Coaching and Mentoring for Internal Coaches and Mentors

Virtual programme management

We're here to help you run your in-house coaching or mentoring programmes.


Interactive webinars for coaching and mentoring

Many major global organisations have benefited from Coach Mentoring’s convenient cost-effective virtual training.

  • Global reach with no travel involved
  • Saves time
  • More cost effective
  • Very focused content
  • Bite-size, relevant learning
  • Are very interactive
  • Can cater for several time zones

Lis’s webex was wonderful and I love the concept of “everyone can be a mentor”. It’s a very empowering thought that everyone has something to share and learn from the other.

Thanks a lot for making time for this session. I look forward to many more engagements in the future!”

Swati Saha Ghosh, Leadership Learning and Coaching, BT Group India

Thank you for the fantastic webinar on coaching and mentoring. Informative and inspiring, it reminded me of several useful tools I did not use for a long time Lis, I just love the way you organise information into absolutely understandable and ready to absorb pieces, does make sense to me.”

Anna Podchashynska HR/Recruitment Professional

Firstly I’d like to say thank you — what a great lesson and session. Thanks again — the best seminar I've attended!”

Elizabeth Mills

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