Coaching and Mentoring Cards

Coaching and Mentoring cardsA series of Coaching and Mentoring Cards to support coaches, mentors and HR/L&D professionals. Interactive and stimulating, with beautiful photography; these cards can be used to support your conversations with individuals, or as aids in your own self-reflection exercises.

These three different sets of inspirational cards to support Coaching and Mentoring Conversations come packed in a sturdy plastic wallet, with instructions providing further detail on the content of the cards and suggestions for the best way to use them.

Card sets are available for £15 or less (inc VAT and UK postage & packaging).

‘VUCA World’ Cards

Coaching and Mentoring cardsA set of twelve cards designed to support coaching and mentoring conversations around the ability to navigate a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world and to develop individual’s adaptive capacity.

The cards will help in discussing situations where individuals are undergoing continuous change, restructure and redundancies in organisations and will encourage the growth of creative, continuous learning.

If you want some tools and techniques to facilitate difficult conversations around change in a VUCA world, these cards will provide you with a simple and effective framework and take some of the angst out of the situation for the coach or mentor!

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Agreement Setting Cards

Agreement Setting CardsA set of ten cards developed to facilitate an agreement setting conversation in any learning dialogue. The cards have been designed specifically with internal coaching and mentoring programmes in mind, to support participants in having a really robust agreement setting conversation to ensure they enjoy a really effective relationship.

Use in workshops and training to illustrate agreement setting, as well as within the coaching or mentoring conversation. An insightful way to build strong foundations and reduce embarrassment or avoidance in contracting.

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The Roles of a Mentor Cards

Coaching and Mentoring cardsA set of eight cards created to help mentors and mentees understand the roles and behaviours of an effective mentor. Use these cards in several creative ways to educate mentors and mentees:

  • These cards are useful in workshops to showcase what a mentor’s roles are, for discussions in pairs or small groups.
  • Or at the beginning of the mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees can use the cards to discuss together what type of mentor the mentee is looking to work with when building rapport and contracting.
  • Once the relationship has commenced, mentors and mentees can use the cards again to review the effectiveness of the different roles the mentor is using.

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Thriving through Chaos

Are you a coach or mentor, or maybe just looking for a way of navigating the rapid changes in our world? These seventeen beautiful postcards and 40 page explanatory booklet have our latest help and advice!

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Why use coaching and mentoring cards?

  • Using cards in coaching and mentoring conversations can support the coach or mentor in being more helpful to their client.
  • The cards provide fresh ideas and new frameworks to help frame the learning conversation.
  • The beautiful pictures can also be used on a conceptual and philosophical level to support the client’s thinking.

These VUCA World cards were used with a number of action learning groups whose membership comprised of very senior leaders and managers of an NHS community trust organisation.

‘I feel more energised having applied and explored the VUCA cards in my current working climate in my organisation.

‘I now have more tools in my leaders box.’”

Laura Davidson-Dean, Principal Lecturer Professional Leadership and Development Coach, HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Mentorship (ICAM) Programme Co-ordinator.

These Agreement Setting Cards used with a group of senior NHS leaders enrolled on a Coaching Skills for Leaders module. They were used in a group work format to stimulate discussion and enable the delegates to consider the vital aspects of agreement in an internal coaching environment.

These cards have endorsed and helped me to explore the extreme importance of agreement setting when starting any coaching conversation or relationship.”

Laura Davidson-Dean.

These are fantastic. The idea of having the images is great — it immediately creates a positive feeling before even looking at the content!

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