How to set up a Mentoring Programme

A ready made internal mentoring programme

Mentoring Starter PackageSupport your organisation in implementing its own internal mentoring programme. Choose the full Mentoring Starter Package or individual Core Curriculum modules to support your specific mentoring programmes needs.

Everything you need to set up your mentoring programme

We understand that everyone has different experience of running mentoring programmes, so we are here to help. Add bespoke Mentoring Consultancy to benefit from the knowledge of world leading mentoring experts to ensure your programme's success.

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Build your Mentoring Starter Package

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Add Mentoring Consultancy

To help get your mentoring programme started, add discounted initial assistance from a mentoring expert. Or get in touch to discuss any further consultancy needs of your organisation.

Optional consultancy and training. Select modules to benefit from this special offer!

Mentoring software to manage your programme

MentorNet Mentoring Technology PlatformAs your mentoring programme grows, mentor/mentee matching and other administration processes become more onerous. MentorNet:

  • Provides a secure online mentoring system for face-to-face and eMentoring programmes
  • Helps mentors, mentees and administrators communicate and publish profiles
  • Shares documents, tracks activity, plus much more!

MentorNetCoach Mentoring Ltd can help you setup or improve your programme. Let MentorNet mentoring software help keep your mentoring program running effectively and claim your first month free!

* Coach Mentoring can deliver consultancy or training virtually or face-to-face. If face-to-face delivery is preferred, any related travel costs would be an additional charge.
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added to the amount due.

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Mentoring case studies

Find out more about some of the ways we’ve supported our clients with mentoring.

Thriving through Chaos

Sixteen practical ideas, across three themes, to help you (or others) thrive in life.


Mentoring Starter Package

Benefit from vast experience in designing and delivering mentoring programmes with a stand-alone product for your organisation to implement its own effective mentoring programme built on the best practice in the mentoring field!

Browse the Core Curriculum Synopsis and view the introductions of the six recently refreshed modules. Use these resources to tailor your solution and develop your own in-house mentoring programme without needing external support!

  • Cost-effective — create a mentoring programme to suit your budget and needs.
  • Excellent quality — be confident that your mentoring programme is based on best practice in mentoring.
  • Easy to implement — the product is practical, containing pro-forma documents to adapt to suit your programme.
  • Grow your internal mentoring capabilityadd consultancy to grow your knowledge to allow programmes to be sustainable and manageable from within your organisation.

The Mentoring Starter Package, provided by Coach Mentoring has proved to be a fantastic practical resource and I am confident we now have a great framework for our mentoring programme going forwards.”

Libby Hartz (Unicef UK)

The mentoring starter kit has been incredibly helpful to us in setting up our internal mentoring offer. Having resources available that guided us through the process of setting up the offer and ensured we were considering all the right things, really helped set us up for success.

In particular it’s been really useful for getting clear on our rationale and approach to mentoring, ensuring we had a clear recruitment strategy and a valuable resource for helping us to preparing both mentors & mentees. The templates that we were simply able to tailor for our organisation just made life easier!”

Emily Wilton (Leadership Development & Talent Manager, Water Aid)

The Mentoring Starter Package is suitable for many areas including:

  • Starting a new mentoring programme,
  • revitalising an existing mentoring programme,
  • using state-of-the-art best practice in mentoring programme design.

When will I receive my order?

We will setup your online account within 2 working days providing full access to your selected Mentoring Starter Package resources.

Individual core curriculum modules are available for online purchase with instant access — a good option if you don't need the full package discount.

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