Recommended Coaching and Mentoring reference books

This work is a must read for anyone who has employee, development, manager, organisation or performance in their post title.

    Garvey and Williamson really get under the skin of building capability in organisations as they recognise the complex social interaction that most of us refer to as the workplace. The book is written in a very clear, easy to read style, so much so, that I felt I had genuine dialogue with the authors.

My dear friends’ obsession with coaching and mentoring infuses this great updated version of a book that is fast becoming a classic in coaching and mentoring literature.

    The new structure maintains a pragmatic undertone and pulls together the threads of research, theory and practice in a user-friendly way. In a complex and confusing world, this really is a book to expand the minds and hearts of all students, practitioners or fellow academics to the compelling delights of coaching and mentoring.
Bob Garvey, Paul Stokes, David Megginson

The Mentoring Pocketbook shows how to design and manage a mentoring scheme, how to prepare to be a mentor, how to conduct mentoring sessions, how to maintain the relationship through the different stages and how to evaluate mentoring.

    Before looking at the actual mentoring process, the authors deal with the uses of mentoring within organisations (particularly in the context of managing change and mission/value statements) and explain how mentoring differs from coaching, training and appraisals.
Geof Alred, Bob Garvey

This is the definitive introduction to coaching and mentoring, written by an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Taking you all the way through from the emerging theory to informed practice, the book covers:

  • Skills, purposes and outcomes of coaching and mentoring processes
  • The many settings in which they take place – public, private and voluntary
  • Coaching and mentoring’s evidence base and how it is assessed
  • The professionalization of coaching and mentoring and a move towards integration.
David Gray, Bob Garvey, David Lane

In Coaching and Mentoring, the author inspires and provokes readers by asking questions such as ’Are coaching and mentoring the same?’, ‘Are we obsessed with skills?’ and ‘What is performance?’

    He also delves into contemporary debates such as concerns about standards, competencies and codes of ethics, interspersed with views on power, control and politics.

Mentoring continues to be one of the fastest growing techniques in human resource management. It's viewed as being an essential building block of modern management development. But what is mentoring and why is it so popular?

    Mentoring in Action answers these questions plus many more. Now in its second edition, this popular book continues to examine a variety of mentoring schemes through a multitude of new, insightful case studies, illustrating both the successes and failures.
David Megginson, David Clutterbuck, Bob Garvey

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