Our Vision — Coach Mentoring Ltd.

We care“To be the most professional, credible, creative and passionate company in mentoring and coaching consultancy services globally.

Our USP is our people and our intellectual capital. We only use consultants with a high level of expertise and who are in the forefront of knowledge in the areas in which we consult. We share the same values, providing a seamless service to the client and our practice is backed up by academic learning and research.

Our Values

  • Develop: Our raison d’être is to support our clients to grow, develop, retain, motivate and support their employees at all levels of the organisation.
  • Inspire: We believe in creating awesome engagement and performance with all individuals we work with and to inspire all individuals and organisations we encounter.
  • Enthuse: We seek to stimulate, energise and support people in their learning and development in this VUCA world and especially during change and transition.
  • Partnership: we develop strong, excellent and honest relationships with our clients, respecting their goals and vision and delivering solutions which create the most effective solution to their people needs and strategy. Our relationships with our clients inspire longevity, respect, trust and loyalty.
  • Integrity: we put integrity and honesty first in our relationships and delivery. We would prefer not to take a client on if we believe we cannot offer them the service and solution they desire. We speak truth to power if we believe a project is not aligning to our value set or is detrimental to the client’s employees and organisation.
  • Create: our desire is to develop the most innovative and effective solutions and to be a catalyst for courageous thinking, change and development for our clients and the individuals we work with.
  • Compassion: we are driven by a desire to support humanity and create a more sustainable and socially just world and in so doing, demonstrate our love for humanity. Caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be humane.

EMCC UK MemberCoach Mentoring Ltd. is a member of EMCC UK and encourages excellence for mentors, coaches and supervisors.

Global Code of EthicsWe abide by the EMCC Global Code of Ethics in our coaching and mentoring activities.

Global Code of EthicsWe are proud that our website is powered by 100% renewable energy and is supporting the planting of 1 billion trees by 2030.

Diversity and Inclusion

We seek through our work to encourage diversity and inclusivity at every opportunity. To educate, challenge, influence and motivate people to learn and change where we observe ignorance, prejudice and bias. 


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Our Approach

Our first step is to build trust and rapport. Then working together, we identify the issues, develop and discuss cost-effective solutions, ensuring excellent delivery at the right time.

We always ensure feedback and evaluation are conducted to the highest standards.

Wherever possible, our desire is to empower and support the client to deliver future programmes themselves.

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