Executive or Individual Developmental Coaching

Executive CoachingWith individual one-to-one coaching, our purpose is to give individuals control over their own learning process, to support them in clarifying their goals and provide them with the reflective space to enable them to make sense of their lives and help them to make the transitions and changes they want to make.

Executive coaching is about releasing an individual’s capability, raising their self-awareness and helping them to become the people they want to be. Coaches act as external stimulators to the potential that other people hold within them.

Coach Mentoring Ltd offer a team of highly experienced and accomplished coaches so you have a choice of approach and experience to match you or your organisation’s needs.

Coaching in Leadership Development

On a more specific level, coaching provides an answer to some of the new type of challenges facing today’s leaders. It allows leaders to:

  • Recognise any new competencies they should be learning.
  • Reflect on the leaders of tomorrow and prepare them for the challenge.
  • Align their personal commitments and actions.
  • Sustain momentum — both theirs and that of others in the organisation.
  • Align team members with the goals and visions of their organisation.
  • Develop team unity and team spirit and enrol others in new possibilities and breakthroughs.
  • Help others expand their levels of responsibility and increase their levels of initiative and creativity.
  • Recognise weak links in the organisational system and develop strategies to strengthen these.
  • Review the organisations goals — can the leader aim higher and be more successful?


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Benefits of coaching

Coaching translates into business results.

Executive Coaching

What’s the point of Executive Coaching?


Key players in Executive Coaching?

The key players in Executive Coaching are the senior executive and the coach. However, executive coaching does not occur in a vacuum. There are a number of stakeholders involved in the executive coaching process, but the real focus is on the relationship between the coach and the individual executive.

Inspiring and motivating people to grow their self-awareness and identify their unique abilities is such a powerful process.”

Develop a coaching culture

Developing a coaching culture within an organisation creates an environment where developmental dialogues are the norm and provide the fertile soil to improve individual, team and organisational performance.

At Coach Mentoring Ltd we have worked with numerous organisations over the years to create cultures where both the leaders and employees are working in a coaching way. Utilising the skills of coaching in everyday coaching conversations: listening, questioning, giving and receiving feedback.

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