Mentoring Mastery Programme for Mentors

Mentoring MasteryOur clients asked, “How can we keep our mentor's skills up-to-date?”. So we distilled Coach Mentoring's two decades of mentoring experience and created Mentoring Mastery to provide everything you need to develop your mentoring.

Each month Mentoring Mastery showcases important materials condensed to practical guides with relevant and insightful topics for mentors or individuals running mentoring programmes wanting Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for their skilled mentors. The interactive webinar reinforces the written materials and helps you apply the learning, with a follow-up supervision webinar to keep your mentoring effective and on-track.

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See what Mentoring Mastery can do for you

Trusted by many, Coach Mentoring has helped dozens of well known organisations improve their mentoring. Buy now and we'll invite you to convert to a subscription after your first period expires.


For a mentor wanting to improve their skills


per month, paid

  • A 5 or 6 page Information Pack containing both content and reflective exercises for a mentor on the topic of the month
  • An Infographic with the key learning points for the month's topic
  • 45 minute Interactive Webinar on the month's development topic
  • 60 minute group Supervision Webinar to check-in on your mentoring
  • Choice of two webinar timings to suit most global time zones.


Resources shareable within your organisation


per month, paid

  • Everything you love about the Open Mentoring Mastery
  • Share the monthly Infographic and Information Pack around your closed group
  • Ideal for mentoring programme managers and co-ordinators
  • Nominate one person to represent your group at the two webinars
  • Discuss issues experienced by your group during the monthly webinars.


For organisations with up to 10 mentors


per month, paid

  • Everything you love about the Group Mentoring Mastery
  • Up to 10 mentors can attend the webinar sessions
  • Your own ‘closed’ webinar on the topic of the month
  • An hour of ‘closed’ drop-in supervision for mentors each month
  • A discounted Skills Training video on the month's topic for only £350, saving at least £150.

Save money, pay annually and receive 12 months for the price of 10. All prices exclude VAT. After your initial payment, you can choose to maintain ongoing access to this valuable resource with a subscription. We think you'll love Mentoring Mastery, but fear not you can cancel at any time.

What will I receive?

We know you're curious; view an example Mentoring Mastery resource pack so you know what to expect.


Completely virtual PGC

Accredited programme in Coaching and Mentoring for Internal Coaches and Mentors

Virtual programme management

We're here to help you run your in-house coaching or mentoring programmes.

Benefits of Mentoring Mastery

Monthly mentoring topics include:

  1. The roles and behaviours of an effective mentor
  2. Agreement setting for mentors
  3. Listening skills for mentors
  4. Using questioning and challenge
  5. Giving feedback and advice
  6. Using process models in mentoring
  7. Reflective practice for mentors
  8. How to be an effective role model
  9. How to set direction effectively in mentoring
  10. The qualities of an effective mentor
  11. Ten mistakes a mentor should avoid
  12. Using positive psychology in mentoring
  13. Developing emotional intelligence through mentoring
  14. Mentoring through change and transition
  15. Using mindfulness in mentoring
  16. Developing self-confidence and self-esteem through mentoring
  17. Using basic neuroscience in mentoring
  18. Using mentoring to develop courage, exploring risk taking and fear
  19. How to mentor a millennial
  20. Mentoring in a VUCA world
  21. Supporting women’s ambition through mentoring
  22. Working with Imposter and Tiara Syndromes
  23. Avoiding the dark side of mentoring (1) — power and transference
  24. Avoiding the dark side of mentoring (2) — dependency and intimacy

Everyone who has joined the webinar to date has thought it has been really useful and they have benefited greatly, as it has brought it all into focus. They have all commented that Lis is really on point, very easy to work with and also pragmatic, which our business needs.”

Carole Fairway, Head of Learning & Development, City Facilities Management (UK) Ltd

*If you're just starting out with mentoring and feel a little out of your depth, our Mentoring Starter Package might be just what you need.

We also have info packs, workbook, video tutorials, interactive webinars, infographics, mentoring cards and other templates for use within your mentoring practice.

Here at Coach Mentoring we live and breathe mentoring and love to talk to new friends, so please get in touch.


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