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Mentoring Starter PackageTo help more people benefit from our Mentoring Starter Package, we have reduced the price and introduced Core Curriculum, to allow an à la carte approach to better match the varying mentoring programme needs of our clients.

Mentoring is the most cost effective organisational development intervention you can use to develop, retain and motivate your employees. Bringing in external consultancy can be an expensive option, so based on our many years of developing and designing programmes we have produced a range of solutions to make you ‘experts’ overnight and to create the mentoring programme you need, quickly and without stress.

The Mentoring Starter Package gives you a range of Core Curriculum options, so you can buy whatever you need in a focussed approach to developing your mentoring programme. If you do need a small element of consultancy support, that is also available at a discounted cost, but with the price transparent and upfront!

What’s in the Mentoring Programme Starter Package?

The Mentoring Starter Package includes:

  • Clear content to help you design a mentoring programme from identifying the rationale through to review and evaluation
  • Available now in Core Curriculum modules, or as a total package
  • An explanation of the different models of mentoring
  • A pre-prepared training session for your mentors and mentees, together with a full facilitators guide
  • Advice and proformas for matching
  • Suggestions and a process for mentor supervision
  • Proformas and advice for review and evaluation

So what are the advantages to the package?

Quite simply, we have put our experience from developing many different and diverse successful mentoring programmes and have encapsulated this into one very easy to use practical package. It includes all the resources you need to set up a new, or enhance an existing mentoring programme. Whether you are quite new to the concept of mentoring, or have experience, but want an easy fool-proof process to apply, the Core Curriculum Modules, or the entire Mentoring Starter Package can help everyone.

If you want to find out more, then watch the video above or get in touch if you would like more information.

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