Four reasons your mentoring needs virtual programme management

Mentoring Programme ManagementMost organisations understand the great benefits of an in-house mentoring programme, but setting up and running an effective and beneficial programme takes time. Programme management is often added into someone’s already packed job description. This can lead to loss of momentum and ultimately a programme that hasn’t been as effective as it could have been. Even worse, it may be seen a failure and this will hamper getting future programmes off the ground!

Coach Mentoring Ltd has helped organisations in every sector. So here are 4 reasons why you should use Virtual Programme Management to help you run your mentoring programme.

1. Mentoring knowledge and expertise

We have all the knowledge, expertise and materials needed to quickly set up a mentoring programme. We can support you through:

  • The initial stages of writing a business case,
  • Gaining buy-in from stakeholders,
  • Building a communication strategy,
  • Recruiting mentors and mentees and
  • Matching them in appropriate mentoring pairs.

We also provide professional interactive mentoring briefings with supporting materials if required. These can be workbooks, online information or videos outlining different skills and mentoring processes in bite size chunks.

2. Programme management to maintain momentum

Your programme will maintain its momentum through timely contact and check-ins with one point of contact throughout. Supervision and support are key touch points in any mentoring programme, allowing both mentors and mentees to talk through issues or concerns and for them to be up-skilled in more advanced mentoring techniques, ensuring enhanced development, quality and great ethical mentoring!

3. Save time and free up your internal resources

It will free up your internal resources whilst still providing you with all the information and updates on how your mentors and mentees are progressing, as if you were running the programme yourselves. We can also evaluate the programme through questionnaires and telephone interviews if you require us to. This will provide you with recommendations for improvements and potential case studies to ‘sell’ your future programmes to internal stakeholders.

4. Empower yourselves!

Our ethos is to up-skill our clients (see our client list) so that over time they can deliver their own programmes without consultancy support, if that is what they desire. In addition, we can offer a ‘pick and mix’ option for clients to decide where they would like specific support and where they can manage in-house.

Basically, Virtual Programme Management can deliver any support or delivery you would want for your programme. Moreover, we can work with you by the hour/day/week/year, depending on your needs. For more information contact to discuss.

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About Jacki Mason

Jacki is Operations Manager and Consultant at Coach Mentoring, and has experience of designing, developing and delivering over 50 mentoring programmes since 2002, many of which have been women only programmes. She has delivered gender diversity mentoring programmes to increase the entry of women onto public boards, to support members of professional bodies at all levels in their career development, internal programmes within universities and colleges, programmes aimed at women returners, and developed online mentoring materials for young apprentices in SET careers.

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