CIPD Mentoring in HR Case Study

CIPDAt the end of 2014, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) wanted to launch a pilot mentoring programme with a view to supporting their career development offering. The programme’s objectives were to support CIPD members in:

  • Gaining their first role in HR
  • Making a transition in their next role to another area of HR
  • Gaining a promotion in HR role

The requirements were to run the scheme virtually to enable a broad access and to gather feedback and evaluation data with a view to rolling out the programme to more members.

The key areas where Coach Mentoring supported the CIPD were in:

  • Initial support to scope out the programme to meet the needs of the Careers Service
  • Interactive virtual training and supervision via WebEx for mentors and mentees
  • Matching of all pairs (50 to date)
  • Evaluation of the programme using both questionnaires and qualitative interviews and the preparation of an evaluation report.

Feedback from the pilot was that all mentors would take part again. In addition, most of the mentees and all the mentors would recommend the programme to their colleagues. There was also much useful data, which will influence the future roll out of any mentoring within the CIPD Careers Service. Coach Mentoring Ltd continued to work with the CIPD in 2015/16 on the roll out of the next stage of their mentoring service to members. Coach Mentoring is continuing to support the CIPD with this programme throughout 2017.

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Jacki is Operations Manager and Consultant at Coach Mentoring, and has experience of designing, developing and delivering over 50 mentoring programmes since 2002, many of which have been women only programmes. She has delivered gender diversity mentoring programmes to increase the entry of women onto public boards, to support members of professional bodies at all levels in their career development, internal programmes within universities and colleges, programmes aimed at women returners, and developed online mentoring materials for young apprentices in SET careers.

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